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Why should we apply first aid?

Aim of doing proper first aid:

  • Preserve life

  • Prevent the injury from getting worse

  • Allow speedy recovery

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Should I take a first aid course?

Yes, undoubtedly. First aid knowledge not only benefits you but can extend to your loved one. It is invaluable to you, your family, friends, co-workers, and the community. 

What are the benefits of learning first aid?

  1. The most beneficial result of learning first aid is, of course, it allows those trained to help save lives. In an emergency situation, a person trained and knowledgeable with first aid steps is essential in helping the people in need until emergency providers arrive. 

  2. Proper first aid training can allow you to stay calm in an emergency situation. 

  3. It helps to reduce discomfort. Not all injuries are required to attend hospital emergencies. E.g. a minor cut or sprained ankle will create discomfort and pain. Proper first aid as simple as applying ice properly or bandaging appropriately will help those suffer from injuries to reduce discomfort and pain.

  4. Applying appropriate first aid can prevent the injuries from getting worse and hence it provides better conditions for recovery.

Where can I learn a first aid course?

Depending on where you live and what you need, there are a variety of certificate first aid courses (e.g. standard first aid certificate, cardiopulmonary resuscitation certificate) provided by institutions such as RED CROSS or ST JOHN. Search around one suitable for you and take action now. 


If you are located in Hong Kong you can visit here:

HK Red Cross:

HK St John:

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