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Open wound first aid management 

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Island dressing

  Island dressings consist of two parts:

  1. A sterile non-woven adhesive pad forms the exterior part, which provides a bacterial barrier.

  2. An absorbent wound pad forms the interior part, absorbs light levels of blood or exudates.

island dressing
  1. Wash your hands with water and soap, or clean with alcohol swabs. 

  2. For a minor cut, clean the wound with clean water (apply iodine if no access to clean water). For a small wound, you can leave it open.  

  3. If the wound is not minor, and has a high chance of getting dirty or rubbing onto clothes, clean wound with iodine and cover with island dressing/sterilised gauze + elastic bandage.

  4. If bleeding continues, elevate the injured part and apply gentle pressure over the wound

Wound care procedures

Seek medical help in the following situations:

  • The wound is too big or deep.     

  • You cannot stop the bleeding with gentle pressure.     

  • The wound is caused by dirty objects.     

  • Animal or human bite wound.     

  • Object is embedded in the wound

General warnings against the use of povidone-iodine (also known as iodopovidone): 

  • In the eyes, nose, or mouth.  

  • Certain people (pregnant women, burn victims, patients with thyroid disorders/kidney dysfunction or patients receiving radio-iodine therapy) should seek doctor advice PRIOR to using povidone iodine.

  • On individuals who are allergic or sensitive to iodine.

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