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Setting up an arm sling

You can set up an arm sling using a triangular bandage to support and stabilise the injury upper limb

setting up arm sling.jpg
  1. The wrist should be slightly higher than the elbow. 

  2. Place an open triangular bandage between the body and the arm. 

  3. Tip pointing towards the elbow. 

  4. Take the upper point over the shoulder on the uninjured side and around the neck.

  5. Take the lower point up over the injured arm to the upper point, tie two points with a reef knot. 

  6. Tidy up excessive bandage over the elbow.

​Check your circulation every 10 minutes, if the arm sling is too tight readjust it.

  1. Press the finger until it turns pale, release, and blood flow should return straight away.

  2. Check for any numbness or tingling sensation.

Reef knot

Secure the arm sling with a reef knot  

reef knot for first aid.jpg
  1. Take the red rope (left) cross over the blue rope (right).

  2. Twist the red rope  around the blue rope.

  3. Cross the red rope (now the right) over the blue rope (now the left).

  4. Twist the red rope around the blue rope again

  5. Pulls the end tight

Or you can follow the old saying  “Left over the right, right over the left”

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