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About Us

We all want to live healthily on a clean planet. In the year 2020, health and climate change are two of the main issues that most people are concerned about. Therefore, Friends of Polar Bear was set up to focus on working towards making the Earth a better place. We hope to reduce waste by extending the life of clothes you already own and share some tips with you on how to make your outdoor trip more enjoyable. As we all love outdoor activities and like to stay connected with nature, we want to do it in a way that brings the least impact to the environment.

Friends of Polar Bear's created its first product: the SBC Kit. The Kit, made from old/worn-out gears, includes essential first aid items for the top three injuries in hiking. We hope that with the SBC Kit, you can have a pleasurable outdoor trip. 

The first aid kit for top 3 injuries in hiking

As a physiotherapist, we get to treat a lot of sprained ankles. Sometimes, we saw the patient's sprained ankle lingered on for weeks before they fully recovered due to delayed treatment. With proper and swiftly on-site management, the severity of the sprain injury can be controlled, and the time required for recovery can be shortened. 

"But we have nothing on hand!" and "we don't want to carry a clumsy first aid kit!" That's why we developed the SBC Kit. A  lightweight first aid kit to tackle the top 3 most common injuries during hiking and running. 

Let's learn the basic first aid techniques from our website, and together with SBC Kit, if an injury happened, unfortunately, you and your friends would be sure a speedy recovery will be on the way. 

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