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Ankle Taping for sprained ankle injury

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Ankle taping method - rigid sports tape:

Protective ankle taping can be used following sprained ankle injury.

Objectives: support the ligaments of the ankle without restricting functional motion.

Tape: 3.75cm rigid sports tape

Apply the tape smoothly without any crease to prevent forming blisters.

Using rigid sports tape after sprained ankle injury can support the ankle ligaments without restricting movement. Basic stirrups method for light to moderate exercises.
  1. Position ankle at 90.

  2. Place lubricated gauze pads on the front of the ankle and behind the heel.

  3. Wrap the foot and the lower 1/3 shin with underwrap (pink).

  4. Secure the underwrap with anchor strips (white).

  5. Start the first strip from the *inside of the ankle (behind the medial malleolus) for inversion sprained. Go under the heel and up to the outside of the ankle (the strips should cover about ⅓ lower shin).Continue until the last strip is well in front of the malleolus (about 3-5 strips).

  6. Secure the strips with anchor strips/cover strips (blue).

  7. Cover the hole (area that you notice the underwrap) with tapes.

*For eversion sprained, Start the first strip from the outside of the ankle (behind the lateral malleolus). Go under the heel and up to the inside of the ankle (the strips should cover about ⅓ lower shin).

Anchor strips should not prevent the movement of your calf muscles.

Check your taping:

  1. Press the big toe until it turns pale, release, and blood flow should return straight away.

  2. Check for any numbness or tingling sensation.

  3. Run, jump, or do some sports-specific movement; the tape should support your ankle without limiting your functional motion.

This article is not intended to replace medical advice. Seek professional help if you encounter any problem during ankle taping.

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